The Time for Choosing

Once upon a time… 


… the entire kingdom of Castilla, which is one of the most beautiful and lush lands in all Spain, was celebrating another birthday of the lovely princess Rosana, the king’s daughter. The party couldn’t be better! ?

Dancing hall

The decoration was very chic, the banquet was wonderful, the band pleasant and the castle crowded of guests, this time including the nobility of the other three kingdoms of Spain. 


After all, this was the princess’s 18th birthday! It was finally the time to assume the crown and govern in her father’s place. There was just one thing missing: a husband. Princess Rosana would have to choose from among the princes invited, the one who proves his virtue and skill, and is able to get her heart. However, although she’s extremely kind, she’s definitely not an easily conquered  damsel, it would require the candidates’ best strategies to be selected.


Starting the ceremony, the head of the guard announced the first candidate, prince Alejandro, whose name perfectly corresponds to the ideal spouse for his daughter, at least according to the king, a brave warrior who can protect Rosana and the kingdom is certainly desirable. ??


Knight in Shining Armour

-“My best regards, dear princess!” Alejandro said showing off his brilliant sword and making a greeting signal. “I’m the heir of the Southern Spain kingdom and the only survivor of the great war that took place there two years ago.” ?
-“That’s impressive”?, the king whispered, “I always thought there were no warrior survivors, wasn’t this the reason for the peace agreement?” 
-“That’s what people think “
-“And what supposedly happened”, a voice broke Alejandro’s explanation.

The Joker

It was the jester of Castilla?, a small wise man whose job was to amuse the king and the princess with his jokes and funny stories about what happens in Spain.
-“What do you mean jester?” 
-“You know, my king, that I go around this kingdom looking for funny news to bring to you. I know everything  important that takes place and as I can remember, there was no brave warrior in the battlefield at the end of the war, but a few hours later someone found a desperate man hidden in a forest nearby. ⁉️? I think our warrior is more like a hide and seek player. Hahaha”?? The guests’ laugh filled the castle hall and Alejandro went out embarrassed. 

Soon, a trumpet ?sound muffled the laughs and the guard voice was heard
-“Well, let’s move on for the second candidate, prince Lopes, the most famous bullfighter in his land, a brave and fearless young man.”

The Bull Fighter

-“It’s an honor to meet you, my princess. Indeed, I’m a skillful bullfighter – he emphasized it with quick movements in his red cape- and I promise to govern at your side with the same courage and energy that I use to control those dangerous beasts”
-“I hope you’re not prince Lopes from the East Kingdom because then I would be afraid that all your courage won’t be enough” 
-“Look to whom you’re talking jester! I’m the king’s firstborn and his most athletic son!”
-“Oh, you don’t need to prove it. You probably have a lot of energy otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to run away from the bulls. King East’s son is not a bullfighter, but I’m sure he will get first place in the race whenever people need to run from those beasts???????. Hahaha”?
The red cape was thrown on the floor, and Lopes lost himself in the middle of the crowd. ??

 “Is there anyone honest here?”, princess Rosana sighed hopelessly. 
-“I’ve always said there’s no one good enough for you, my  dear. We need to look for the most favorable choice.” The king whispered again. “Guard, keep the ceremony going!”
-“Of course my king! The last candidate is prince Pacheco. 
A handsome and tall man introduced himself.? His extravagant red clothes making sure that he was a typical son of Spain as if his name weren’t enough for anyone to wonder about it. 

Guy in Red

Then he continued:
-“I’m a talented flutist, my princess. With my magical flute skills I can bring life to everyone and control people through the music. ??? I can order whatever I want and one will do it for me.”
-“Well, I can’t say if people are hypnotized, but without a doubt they’ll do anything to have you stop playing this flute. If I’m correct, you’re the one whose music just pleases the deaf. ???Hahaha”

  The laugh and the comments had been about 2 minutes long when the princess stood up and brought the room to silence again. ?
-“I made my choice”, she said with conviction. 
-“Are you sure dear? We can look for another kingdoms’ heirs. ?? None of these are good for you as we can see.” The king muttered.
-“I’ve already seen enough my father. It seems like all the princes want the crown more than anything ?and are so proud of themselves that they lie to me, to the king, and to the whole kingdom. Although they were supposed to come here to show their values, I could only see their faults.? I don’t want a coward, a liar, nor a cheater to be my husband. The kingdom needs someone honest, whom they can trust to govern them. 
-“That’s my beloved daughter, wise as always. We will start a new selection around the land and look for a man who really deserves you and the crown”??
-“And I know who the man is, my father.?❓
The jester is my choice”

??????????…  ⁉️

 Yes… The castle never was so silent and shocked as it was at that moment. The king quickly tried to fix the situation.
-“I know we had a fun time today, the jester did a great job, but you don’t need to continue this dear. Let’s just end the ceremony for now”
-“I’m serious dad”☝?️, she replied, I choose the jester to be my husband. 
He? Me? ? Both father and the selected one asked surprisingly why. She gave a smile and explained her decision as a mother teaches her children the right thing to do.
-“As I said to all of you, the kingdom needs honesty and power. 

The Crown

I want to protect my people and give them what they need. Who else knows this country as well as he and looks for giving people the truth, being even brave to be against the nobility to do it? With knowledge, courage, honesty and happiness we can govern our kingdom the way we should.????
-“I’m so grateful my princess”, the jester said, ” I know I’m not what you expected but I’ll do my best!”
To change her father’s confusing look?, the princess concluded;
-“You said that I’m wise, dad, so let me show you what is really important for us; it is not our possessions but our values!”?
-“You make me more and more proud of you each day, dear”. The king finally said: “From now on, the jester will be called Vicenzo as he was the one  selected for this honored position, and Rosana will be known as the princess who saved the fruitful future of our kingdom.

And of course… 
They lived happily ever after ??♥️ 

The End

By Samantha Sartore

Edited by Eric Dunn


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    Lots of emoticons! Haha
    Funny, with a good ending. Lucky Jester!

  3. Julie

    I really like the way it’s not just another silly fairly tale!
    Buuuut, If I were a princess, I would fight to change the rules so I could become a Queen without a King on my side. Girl power, baby 😉

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    Well done it s inspiring.

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