Dorothy’s Last Memory After Returning from Oz

It’s been one day since I came back from Oz and I feel like nothing is how it used to be. There is something wrong with uncle Henry. From the second I saw him after using the silver shoes, I knew it wasn’t going to be okay. There was an aura of tension around him that I had never seen before. He didn’t say anything when I walked in, he just nodded to aunt Em and she went to sit down near him. I did the same. After one or two minutes, he stood up and went to fill a glass of water. He turned to me and I could see that his eyes weren’t the same, they seemed darker.


“Where were you?” He asked me.

“Ohhh, I am glad you asked, something really interesting happened.”


This startled me and I couldn’t help myself but cry. This is the first time I’ve seen him angry. I imagine that seeing me crying made it worse. He started to thump the table. It shook the table so hard that his glass of water fell and shattered on the floor.

“Clean this, now”, he said, after staring at me for a moment.

So I did. I went to the kitchen to take a sponge. There was something weird about the room, the walls weren’t the same color as they used to be. Instead of being blue, they were blue-green-ish, it kind of reminded me of the Emerald city of Oz.

“I think you should get to your room my darling, I need to talk to your uncle”, said aunt Em.

I nodded and went straight upstairs, entered in my room, and closed the door. Thank God Toto followed me, he always seems to understand when I am sad. But this time, he seemed really scared, too.

“Be good tonight, Toto, everything is going to be alright”, I whispered to him.

I could hear my aunt and my uncle talk, but I couldn’t understand a thing. It was as if they were talking in another language. After a while, someone came upstairs, and knocked on my door. It was aunt Em, she came with some food and told me everything was alright, Uncle Henry was just worried about me this whole time. It’s true that I was gone for quite some time. She gave me a plate with a sandwich in it, I guess she knew I was pretty hungry. This is where everything got weirder, though. Toto, I am so, so sorry.

I'm Sorry

He started barking at my aunt, she gave him this weird look and left the room, without closing the door. Everything was dark outside, no lights were on. I didn’t pay close attention at first because I was so exhausted from the big adventure we had experienced. But then, Toto started crying and snuggling up to me. He has always been a protector of me, and this time I should have been his. Something was scaring Toto so bad, I should have done something to comfort him. After 30 minutes, Toto took off like a bat out of hell and disappeared into the darkness, barking loud and fiercely. I started to get worried, even though I knew that he was a really courageous dog, so I went downstair to get him. There was nobody and the front door was opened. I could hear his bark fade away in the distance, and then it stopped altogether. I tried to whistle at him to tell him to come back, but nothing happened.

I waited all night, sometimes I would fall asleep, but woke up suddenly, hoping he was back. I waited, and waited, and waited. Then I heard it. The exact same whistle that I used to make to call Toto. Someone is outside, but I am too scared to see what it is.

Dark Woman

Toto did come back, but only after ten hours. The way he was moving was… weird. As if he were missing one leg, walking very slowly. He had his head tilted to the right, but couldn’t turn it back to its original position. I opened the door for him and he went straight to his bed. I thought that he was okay so I did the same.

I could have sworn I heard something walk near me before waking up, but there was nothing in my room. It is 10:00 PM and it had been eight hours since Toto came back. I jumped off my bed and went downstairs. What I found in the kitchen was beyond my imagination. Everything turned to a dazzling green, and my aunt, my uncle and Toto were in the middle of the room.

“Is everyone alright?” I asked.

Suddenly, everyone talked at the same time, with the same voice tone, even Toto.

“This is Glinda, you fell into my trap. You killed my two sisters, and my husband Oz fled the Emerald City because of you. I sent you to this alternate universe and you have one remaining day before everything collapses. Your friends the Scarecrow, the Woodman, the Lion and the three in this room are dead because of you. You ruined everything, and now it is the time for revenge. I didn’t want to take control of you because of the mark our sister gave you, it will consume you, anyway.”

Then, I felt something moving behind me. It was my mom, she appeared from nowhere, and was wearing a white dress. She opened her mouth and said with a deep voice:

— “Poor child Dorothy, I thought I raised you well. Don’t you remember when I told you all witches are bad? They always find a plan to get what they want. Now, without further adieu, die.”

Ghostly Witch

By Thomas Daniellou

Edited by Eric Dunn

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