This column is dedicated to teachers especially those who teach languages. It is dedicated to both improving your knowledge of language as well as knowledge of how to teach it including ready to go lessons for you to implement in your classroom right away!

Here are some links to follow:

Teaching Fundamentals

Here you’ll receive a breakdown of some of the most essential and practical teaching fundamentals you can start implementing into your classes right away.

Lesson Frameworks

Frameworks set the groundwork of a strong lesson. Follow above link to help you build and modify lessons stage-by-stage to make them coherent, cohesive, and systematic.

Lesson Stages

Stages are the foundational building blocks of a solid lesson, so follow the above link to to help your ensure your lessons are as solid as they can be.

Lesson Plans

Follow the above link for some interactive, engaging, and effective lessons that are ready and able to go inside the classroom right away.

ESL Phonology

Follow the link above for succinct information on the entire sound system of the English language and how to effectively reduce the accent and improve the pronunciation of your learners. Great teaching tips and specific lesson plans and ideas provided.

Teaching Blogs

Find articles here aimed to invoke excitement, motivation, and creativity to freshen up and bring to life that teaching spirit of yours! And, please, join the discussion to help others do the same…

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