Chocolate Review Lesson

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Mine? Pretty dark, though a bit sweet, and with a hint of some other type of flavor, perhaps raspberries, though, I digress…. In this lesson students will get to learn how to write a review of a product, learn some colorful words and phrases to describe their opinions, and, of course, get to eat some chocolate

Writing Lessons

A writing lesson’s main aim is to, well, develop their writing skills! More specifically, to develop their writing for fluency abilities – the ability to write effectively in an uninterrupted flow. The primary sub-aim is usually related to feeding them…
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Mother’s Day Lesson Plan

What’s the most difficult job in the world that billions of people around the world do? The job of being a mother of course! This is a great listening lesson that will expand your students’ vocabulary, develop their writing and listening abilities, in addition to teaching them thankfulness for special people in their lives! An engaging (and a bit emotional) listening clip that ends in students making their very own ‘Thank You’ cards.

Listening Lessons

A listening lesson’s main aims is to, well, develop the students listening abilities! Generally, they will focus on developing the ability to listen for the main idea first with a task that focuses on getting the gist of the audio…
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Reading Lessons

A reading lesson’s main aim is to develop the reading abilities of your students. They typically will focus on developing both reading for main idea (by practicing skimming – or reading quickly with an uninterrupted flow e.g. not stopping to…
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Speaking Lessons

One of the most frequent goals for English language students is to develop their speaking abilities and a speaking lesson’s main aim is to do just that! Here are some fun, communicative, and interactive lesson plans that are ready for you to go ahead and use in your classroom right away!