Lesson Plans

Here are some ready to go lesson plans. Just click on the main hyper link relating to the type of lesson, and wallah! It will take you to some awesome lessons that are ready to go inside the classroom whenever you are!

Getting to Know You Activities

First day of class and not sure what to do? Thrown into a new classroom without any materials? Have some extra time to kill and you and the students are sick of going through the tedious coursebook materials? Often teachers will need to use some ‘getting to know you activity’ to ‘break the ice’ with a group of learners or to energize the classroom when you have some extra time, while at the same time, develop their speaking and writing abilities. Here are a few lessons that you can use to do just that!   

Reading Lessons

Coursebook materials can be really boring; especially the reading texts in them. Here’s a link to some engaging reading lessons for your learners based on authentic materials (materials made for native speakers from real-life rather than bland ones made up for ESL learners from coursebooks) that lead into some  fun speaking and writing activities.

Listening Lessons

Sick of boring and awkward audio clips found in your coursebooks? Yeah, I’m sure your students are, too! One of the main motivations to learn English for many learners is to have access to English speaking  media such as Youtube videos, movies, TV shows, and podcasts etc. Here are some engaging lessons based upon popular, interesting, and authentic media the learners are likely going to enjoy (and that you, the teacher, will too!) that will include some fun speaking and writing activities as well.

Speaking Lessons

Speaking lessons focus in on what is usually the number one skill learners want to develop and are most likely to be judged upon (in terms of whether they can ‘speak’ the language or not). Here’s a link to some engaging activities that really focus on doing the one thing learners generally love to do most: speak!

Writing Lessons

Some say that writing lessons are boring, but I certainly beg to differ. Writing lessons can actually soon become one of your students’ favorite lesson types if done right. Here is a link to some writing lesson plans done the right way.

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