The Scary Case of an Almost Abduction at my Grandparents Farm

I had just finished reading a really good book that changed my life and my way of thinking. It was about the Universe and… aliens, of course. For days, I had to deal with an existential crisis. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My soul was shaken, my spirit was disturbed, and I really thought I would end up going crazy. And I almost did, because of a weird and scary thing that happened later on in my grandparent’s farm.

I went to the farm with my siblings and cousins to stay for the weekend. After a warm Saturday during which we had a lot of fun swimming in the pool, we just wanted to eat my grandma’s heavenly food and sleep, but not before we stayed next to the fireplace talking about random things. The conversation ended up being about scary stories and things that once happened to each of us. Strange things, because nothing else pleases teenagers as much as strange and scary stories, especially if they are true.

We were in a large and rustic room, with walls full of frames of old, and already dead, relatives. The lights at the ceiling were yellow and somber, and the only noise beside our voices were the crickets singing and the frogs croaking outside. The window was open because of the warm weather, and the lampposts were the only things breaking the darkness of that tropical and profound summer night. I was scared about the conversation, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the book, but I didn’t want to tell anyone, because I knew they would not be able to understand me, and would probably just laugh. Suddenly, a strange thing happened…


Something at the window caught the attention of my eye. We heard a loud noise, just like an explosion, and quickly everything outside got bright for a moment, and then all the lights of the house were turned off. My little sister and cousin started screaming and crying, and we heard our grandfather saying that he was going there to see what had happened. I was afraid for him. Secretly, I really thought that we were being visited by aliens, and that we all would be abducted.

Later, after a few minutes of apprehension, he came back safe and sound, saying that everything looked normal, besides the fact that we were without electricity all around the farm. At the neighboring farm, however, they seemed to still have electricity, which was really weird, because all the electricity there was basically connected. My grandmother was trying to calm down the little ones, while the others were discussing what could have caused such a thing, and I was pretty sure that there were aliens outside waiting to abduct us, forever.


That night we slept in sleeping bags spread all around the room. When we woke up, the electricity had returned, and until now we don’t know exactly what had happened. Nowadays, my siblings and cousins still talk about it, laughing about what had made us so scared that night. Personally, that scary situation at my grandparent’s farm represents all my fears related with how small, weak and insignificant we are in the Universe.

I would not be so scared if was not because of the book, and you would understand if you had read it too. The fact is that you never forget when you first understand how vulnerable the society that we created is and that we work so hard to keep, while most of the people don’t see that what is everything for the human race means almost nothing in this big Universe that we inhabit. And about aliens, for me it seems ridiculous to believe that we are alone. The problem is that I don’t know if we are that important to be visited by them. That night, however, I was pretty sure that I would see aliens for the first time, and that the world would be changed forever; or at least my world.


By Julie Petri



  1. Thomas

    I really like the way you describe things.
    Man, I would have ran outside just to see them.
    It’s true that we’re nothing in this universe, and we will never be able to discover all of it. So sad :'(

    This my favorite!

  2. Aiden Yim

    I don’t think aliens would exist because all living things are meaningless as you said human beings are not an important creature and chances that two living things are existed in a same timeframe are low considering space is limited and life of universe is unlimited or almost unlimited. However, I like how you tell and progress story, and it’s very narrative. Therefore, I like it most.

  3. Samantha

    I loved your story! You can show your feelings and thoughts through the words… Really good writing! You can catch the readers attention! At least mine
    Good job! 🙂

    1. Samantha

      Oh, and you got my vote ??

  4. Brigitte

    good story. Think about as long as we re not able to deal with our on problems on earth, it worthless to think about aliens. Imagine the movie Mars Attacks :).
    Anyhow I like the story.

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