International Ninja Day

December 5th is International Ninja Day! Who would have thought?!? Get those ninja stars & kung fu moves ready for a fun and interactive reading lesson based on the theme of International Days, which ends with your students creating their very own International Day to share with the class.

Mexican Independence Day

Learn more about Mexican Independence Day in this fun reading lesson that will improve your students’ abilities to read and give some great speaking practice in the context of National Holidays. So get to having fun in the classroom celebrating a National Holiday!

Sports Agent

A fun lesson centered around an engaging listening clip from a famous movie (Jerry McGuire) that leads into a super interactive speaking activity. You definitely need to use this one in the classroom!

Gist Task

A gist task is focused on listening for main idea (listening activity) or skimming for the main idea (reading activity) and is essential to do whenever you introduce a text inside of the classroom. Here you’ll get all the info you’ll need to properly carry one out!

North American Vowels

There are 16 vowel sounds in North American English (the dialects of the USA and Canada); however, there are ONLY 5 vowel letters – a, e, i, o, and u (well, six if you count the letter of ‘y’). If you want to know how to properly teach your students how to pronounce NAE, you better read this blog.