Chocolate Review Lesson

Lesson Overview

  • Brief Description: After reading a review about a chocolate bar students will end up eating a piece of chocolate and writing a review about it.
  • Level: Upper-Intermediate (but could be used for mid-intermediate, too).
  • Main-aim: To develop the students’ abilities to write fluently
  • Sub-aims: To develop students’ understanding and ability to use some functional language expressions used to describe opinions.
  • Context: Chocolate
  • Timing: 40- 60 minutes
  • Related Topics: Sweets, Chocolate, Food, Reviews, Products, Yelp, Description.
  • Lesson Plan: Chocolate Review Lesson Plan
  • Materials: Chocolate Bar Image, Chocolate Review Text, Paper slips of Phrases, Brainstorming Handout


  1. Eloina Carmona

    Thanks a lot for your generosity.
    This excellent lesson has given me some ideas to help my students to write better.
    Kind regards

    1. LearnTeachTravel (Post author)

      You are very welcome! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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