Tanzania! A country boasting the tallest walkable mountain, the largest intact volcanic crater, and an area with the highest amount of animal migration on…. Earth!  Being the traveling enthusiast that I am, when my schnauz caught wind of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti, my mouth started to salivate like a lion in front of a wounded baby giraffe 😛 haha I know I’m heartless. No, but seriously, in what place can you find three such seductive attractions all in one country?  

Clear your calendar of but 14 days only, and you can accomplish all three feats in one go, and even have enough time to have fun under the sun on some coastal beaches near Darussalam.  Extend the trip to around 17 days, and you can relax all those muscles you used to hike Kilimanjaro on the gorgeous beaches of an island that is steeped in history and charm, Zanzibar!

If you read my previous Kenya blog you will know that I had an unfortunate encounter with an Indian girl from Mombassa which resulted in a stolen passport. If you haven’t read the blog yet, I suggest you do because, well, for one, my writing style is awesome and entertaining 😉 and secondly, because you can get a decent understanding of East Africa and of some key Swahili terms that are both useful and fun to learn within a memorable context.

So now that you’ve read the Kenya blog, and I’ve bribed my way across the Tanzanian border (because my emergency passport was missing a Kenyan visitor visa stamp) we are ready to learn about African culture, witness some amazing wildlife, camp under the stars amongst savage beasts, and enjoy beautiful hikes, waterfalls & beaches.  So let’s hit the road already!

Links to More About Tanzania:

Arusha Snake Park Camp

Blood milkshakes and poisonous snakes are just two of the things you’ll find at Arusha Snake Park Camp, which is across the border of Kenya in Tanzania; and is in-between Mount Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, and Serengeti national parks. It is a common stop for Safari touring groups. Read the review here!




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