About Us

The Menu Bar:

To use this site you want to choose the tabs in the homepage that correspond to your interests i.e. whether you are interested in learning, teaching, or traveling. If you click on the top of the menu bar, for example on the ‘Teacher’ tab, it will take you to a link that will discuss what the site has to offer for teachers.


Blog entries are organized under different categories on the right-side column of the home page. To browse a category that interests you, just click on one of them (e.g. learners, student blog posts etc.) and the corresponding blog entries relating to that category will pop up. You can also keyword search any particular topic that you are interested in to narrow the range of search results.  

About Me:

I am a lover of language learning, a professional teacher, and an avid traveler. I have a Master’s of Arts in World Languages from the University of Utah as well as a Diploma in English Language Teaching (DELTA) from Cambridge University. I have had a great time learning, teaching, and traveling to around 30 or so different countries.