Braveheart Battle Scene

Introduction Question (discuss below in the comments section):

Tyranny (look up word if you do not know it)

  1. Would you fight against tyranny even if it meant that you would probably die?

Key Vocabulary (look up meaning of unknown words/expressions):

Expressions: To give homage, it’s drawn the finest people, in defiance of tyranny

Words: Scotland, Bolts of Lightning, Consume, Fireballs, and Enemies.

Main Idea Question: 

What does William Wallace want to fight for?

Listen to the clip (one time through without stopping):

Detailed Questions (listen to the clip for the second time and fill in the blank in the comments section):

  1. 0:16 Fill in the blank – This is our army to join it ______ ________ __________.

2. 0:22- Why is the army going?

“We didn’t come here to fight for them.” … “The English are _____________ _____________.”

3. 0:57- If William Wallace were there, what would he do?

“And if he were here, he’d _________________ the English with _________________ from his eyes and

___________________ ___________ _______________________ from his…”

4. Why doesn’t the young man believe that is William Wallace?

Answer: Becuase William Wallace is __________ __________ ___________.

5. What does William Wallace see?

A  _______ ________  of my ____________ in ___________ of ____________.

6. 1:35 What would happen if they run instead of fight?

“Against that! No! We will __________, and we will ______________________”

“Yes, ______ and you’ll  _________, at least a ____________.”

4) When they will be lying on their dying beds, what will they be willing to do according to Wallace?

Dying in your beds, many _________ from now. Would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that… For one chance. Just one __________. To come back here, and tell our enemies that they may take our __________, but they’ll never take… our ______________!

Further Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think that it is always a good idea to fight against tyranny?  What are the possible consequences?
  2. William Wallace ended up getting killed for rebelling against the English Crown. Do you think that William Wallace and the Scottish people were right in rebelling against the Crown of England? Why or why not?