Find Someone Who…

This lesson is a easy yet fun and interactive one to do right on the spot: it only requires a few slips of paper, students, and some interesting facts. Students write an interesting fact on a slip of paper, grab another’s, and mingle to find out whose interesting fact belongs to whom.

Hypothyroid Health Protocol

Hypothyroidism If you are hypothyroid, sorry to inform you, but you almost certainly have an autoimmune condition called “Hashimoto’s”. Having an autoimmune condition means that your body is attacking itself by antibodies from within. Having “Hashimoto’s” means that you have…
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Sharks Are Friendlier Than Dolphins

This blog looks to dispel the misconceptions surrounding our large finned friends – also known as sharks – while disclosing important information that exposes those that many consider man’s best friend of the sea – dolphins. Are sharks friendlier than dolphins? The answer might shock you.