Why You Should be Grateful When Your Computer Freezes

In today’s world, everyone has at least one computer and they have become a requirement for families, if you don’t have one, others might qualify you as “lame”. Computers can help you get more productive: It is easy to get your important documents from everywhere, to contact friends, relatives, or even professionals very easily from all over the world. Although many people are using them the wrong way. One of the common results of their wrong use is the famous “computer freeze”. As someone whose job is to build software, I believe that instead of getting mad at it, or going all ‘Office Space’ on it (see video below), people really should take this as an opportunity to calm down, sit back and think of the probable causes and take this as an opportunity to learn more about how computers work.

First, people should remember that a computer will do everything you want or tell it to do. That means that the reason your poor computer is having difficulties doing simple tasks, is probably, you. For example, if you feel that your computer is slow when booting, it must be because you have installed too many “useless” software applications that start automatically when you boot it, or because you have too many files on your hard drive and your operating system has to read all of them before showing them to you. In most cases, this is easy to fix: You can either throw it on a wall and buy a new one, or you can use software applications that can clean it.

broken computer

Probably not a good idea…

By cleaning, I mean removing the “useless” software applications and files that you think you won’t need again. Today, more innovative solutions are being created, like new cloud technology that saves your files. You should probably have a look into it.
Nerdy DudeI can hear you saying “I didn’t do anything wrong with my computer, but it is still freezing”. But let me tell you, there is only one way I would believe you: by being really convincing and by begging that it is true. Although, in my opinion, the reason of this is certainly the person who used it before you. Take this as a good reason to get mad at your colleague, to start a fight, to reclaim a new one, and, when everything is over, to put restrictions for other users. This way, you know they will not do the same mistakes, and they will be grateful because you taught them something new about computers.Guy getting punched

Some people might come up with the “I am losing so much time because my computer is freezing” argument. While it is true that time is money, I would argue that if it really is a problem for you, you will spend more time on fixing the problem. At this point, you must now know that you need to be careful with your computer, and you should work on solutions to fix it for the next time. If computers are not your things, you can always find people willing to help you. One last possibility, if you have the money, is (again) to buy a new computer and try not to make the same mistakes.

Computers are fantastic machines that are going to stay in our lives for a long time. They are designed to be easy to use, and they will work great as long as you use them well. If you feel that they are behaving strangely you might want to question yourself about how you use it. With the Internet or with your friends, it has become very easy to learn how to use a computer correctly.

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By Thomas Daniellou


  1. Hao Yan

    I totally agree with what you have described in the article. Me personally have the same experience that I hate it when computer freezes and I’m in a hurry. Also, I agree that it is our fault which make the computer freezes. And I have learned to clear some storages and take really good care of the computer to maintain its function.

  2. Julie Petri

    Good article. Everybody should learn how to take care of computers and cellphones, otherwise people will continue being materialistic, buying new stuff with the excuse that the old ones were not working well.

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