The Bank Robbery

Introduction: Introduction Question (answer below in comments section):

What would you do if you were forced to rob a bank because some bank robbers kidnapped someone you love and were threatening to kill him/her if you didn’t do what they wanted? It is either you rob a bank, or they kill the person you love. What would you do? Why?

Key Vocabulary:

Expressions: Wake up call, a killer rush, superior firepower, to exist on a different plane, isn’t it wild?

Words: To pee (verb), to project (verb), to draw (verb)

1. Wake up call

a. Something that is very exciting

2. To pee

b. Isn’t it crazy?

3. A killer rush

c. To extend outwards, to portray

4. To project

d. To bring towards oneself

5. To draw

e. To urinate (to go to the bathroom)

6. Superior firepower

f. To be on a ‘higher level’ figuratively

7. To exist on a different plane

g. To have stronger weapons than others

8. Isn’t it wild?

h. Something that causes you to be fully alert


Main Idea Question (after listening to the clip once answer in the comments section): 

What are the characters in the truck about to do?  

Now listen to the clip (one time through without stopping):

Detailed Questions (listen to the clip for the second time and fill in the blank in the comments section):

  1. 0:00- What is dog psychology?

 If you ________ ________ and get them ___________ down their leg, they ____________.  And if you _________ __________ you _________ ___________, that’s how people get ______________.

2. 0:11 – What causes hesitation?

_________ causes hesistation, and hesitation will _____________ your _________ _________ to  ________ _________

3. How is peace achieved?

“It’s simple, you project  _____________ to avoid _____________.” “Peace __________ ______________ ______________.”

4. 0:48- What’s “wild” about the situation? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

5. 0:51: What makes it great?

You know, that’s what __________ it ___________, Johnny. We can ________ on a _________ __________. We can make our own ____________.  Why be a __________ to the __________ when you can be its __________. 

6. At 1:00 he says,”It’s a ________ _________ to pay for someone who __________ you.”

Guessing from context, and the introduction question, why do you think he says that? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

6. Guessing from context, why does Bodi (the blonde actor) say 1:09, “It’s not her style to _______ [in love] so hard.  I don’t think she did with me”? What is he implying when he says, “I don’t think she did with me?” _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

7. Why does he say at 1:37 “Sorry Johnny, it looks like you don’t get to be _________”? What kind of masks are they wearing? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Further Discussion: 

  1. What do you think about “Dog Psychology” and the quotes of “you project strength to avoid conflict” and “peace through superior firepower”? Do you think that projecting strength through posessing superior firepower is an effective manner to establish peace? Why or why not? Could you think of real-life examples to support your opinion?