Braveheart Flower Scene

1st Youtube Clip

Introduction (discuss below in the comments section):

Watch this clip:

Now describe the scene using the following words: to pass away (phrasal verb), to die (verb), to console (verb), to bury (verb), burial (noun), grieve (verb), and grief (noun).

Prediction Question: What do you think will happen when these two meet as adults?

2nd Youtube Clip

Key Vocabulary: 

Expressions: Work up the courage, to show off, to be impressed

Words: Manners, kilt, pilgrimage, written warning, to remedy

Listen to the following clip to get answer to prediction question: 

  1. What shall they need to remedy?
  2. How was he showing off?
  3. Why does he have bad manners?:

“Do that standing on your head and I will be impressed.”

“My __________ will __________ __________ but ok.”

4. Where did he do a pilgrimage?

5. Where does he belong?

Further Discussion:

  1. Do you think that tragedy can bring two people closer together?

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  1. Eduardo

    In this scene a girl is consoling a boy because of the death of a loved one. In this burial is possible to see the grief of the boy and the girl trying to cheer him up giving a flower to him.
    As always in movies they will meet and remember those memories and fall in love.

    1- something that can cure or improve a condition.
    2- it’s an annoying way to attract attention.
    3-it’s to be not polite

    my kilt will fly up but…

    4-He travel to Rome

    5- He traveled the world, but he belongs to the place he is in that moment

    1- I think memories can bring people together and the similarities can make them feel united.

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