Name Origin: What’s the meaning of your name?

Name Origin: What’s the meaning of your name?

For this lesson, the class will discuss the meaning and history of their name. Here’s the lesson procedure: 

Stage & Aim Procedure
Elicit Questions from WB: To introduce the T’s name to the class, set the context of name origins, develop the ability of the SS to form questions, and to act as a demo for the next activity. T writes on the WB: Name? Meaning? Origin? Who/give? and Popular? on the WB. Teacher elicits how to make each one into a full question from the students and answers them with his/her own personal information regarding their name.
Short preparation activity to prepare students for the speaking activity to follow Students can use their smart phones to google information about their name origin and make some short notes about it. This stage should be quick: only around 2-5 minutes max.
Mingle activity where students get up and speak to each other and find out info about their names Students stand up and speak with one other asking about each others’ names.
Give feedback on the task and introduce the students to each other. Teacher hands out name tags to put on the students’ desk or has students write their names on the WB and briefly discusses some of the names; for example, could ask the class: Who’s name has a really interesting meaning? Whose name is really popular in their country? Really unique? etc. Could also clarify pronunciation of them, too – might need some luck with that 🙂


Did you like the lesson? What did you like/not like about it? How would you modify it? 

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