Mexican Independence Day

Lesson Overview:



Lesson Aims:

Learners will develop their abilities to read for main idea and for more detail/deeper comprehension as well as their ability to speak for fluency in the context of national holidays.

Approximate Timing:

40-60 mins


Related to the topics of national holidays, things going on in September, celebrations, culture, Mexico

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Lesson Plan PDF

Mexican Independence Day LP

Materials PDF (all-in-one)

Mexican Independance Day Materials







3-5 min


To set the context of the lesson

a.     Stimulus: Teacher shows a few picture of an American flag & fireworks and elicits the phrase of ‘National Holiday’ and tells a story of how they celebrated July 4th at one time. 

b.     Pair-Speaking Activity: Students discuss what they did in the last national holiday they celebrated.

c.     Whole Class Feedback: Teacher calls on a couple of students to mention their specific experiences. 


Visual & whiteboard

3-5 min

Gist Task

To develop students’ abilities to skim for main idea

a.     T introduces text (see below attached) with the gist task of matching sub-titles to their correct blank.

b.     SS do it individually

c.     SS check answers in pairs

d.     For whole class feedback, teacher asks for SS to give their answers and writes them on the WB (1. d; 2. c; 3. b; 4. g; 5. a; 6. f)


Article handout

10–15 min

Pre-teaching Vocabulary

To clarify difficult vocabulary

a. Teacher gives students matching handout folded so they only focus on the vocabulary part at this point and tells the SS to match the word with its definition.

b. Students work individually.

c. Students discuss their answers in pairs

d. For feedback, T asks SS what their answers are (and writes them on the WB: 1. C; 2. F; 3. B; 4. A; 5. G; 6. D; 7. E) and further clarifies the meaning (perhaps with some visual aids), form (what part of speech), and pronunciation of each of the words (i.e. how many syllables, where the main stress is, and perhaps some challenging individual sounds).


Vocab handout

7-10 min

Reading for Detail

To develop students’ ability to read for detail

a.T tells SS to unfold the paper and look over some more detailed questions and have them read the text for the answers (either True or False for each one).

b.  SS read individually

c. Ss discuss their answers in pairs

d. For feedback, T asks for each of the answers and writes them on the WB (1. F; 2. F; 3. T; 4. T; 5. F; 6. T; 7. T).


Reading for detail handout (on the bottom of the vocab activity)

15-25 min

Production Activity

To develop students’ ability to speak for fluency

a. T instructs SS to think of a national holiday(s) that is celebrated in their country and take some quick notes on it.  

b. Mingle Activity:  SS get up and walk around finding new partners to discuss the different national holidays that are celebrated in their countries.

c. After the students get ample time speaking for fluency in the mingle activity, teacher instructs students to get into small groups and/or pairs to discuss which national holiday celebration seems the most fun and why.

d. For whole class feedback, the teacher will call on some of the small groups and/or pairs to discuss which holiday seems like a lot of fun to celebrate and why then the teacher turns the SS’s attention to the WB which has some errors written on it (that the teacher heard during the activity) and elicits from the SS how they can be corrected.


* Alternate Activity: If your class is all of the same country background (not a mixed nationality classroom), then you can have them choose a country and research on their phones/computers/ipads etc. about a particular national holiday that is celebrated there.


National Holiday Note-taking handout (give one to each student)