International Ninja Day

Lesson Overview:


Pre to Mid-Intermediate

Lesson Aims:

To develop students’ ability to skim for the main idea and to scan for specific info and also to develop the students’ speaking for fluency abilities all in the context of International Days.

Approximate Timing:

40-60 minutes


This lesson can be tied to the following topics: Ninjas, International Days, Celebrations, Holidays

Text Link:

Lesson Plan PDF

International Ninja Day LP

Materials PDF (all-in-one)

International Ninja Day Materials









Sets the context of the reading to follow

a.     Stimulus: Teacher elicits the word “International Day” and CCQs for comprehension “Is an International Day a normal or special day for celebration?” A: Special one. “Is it celebrated in just one country or worldwide?” A: Worldwide etc. Then shows pic of a ninja at the desk and asks them what they think this picture has to do with December 5th (A: It’s international Ninja Day).

b.     Pair-Speaking Activity: Teacher asks the students to speak in pairs about what they know about Ninjas and how they think International Ninja Day can be celebrated and why should we love it.  

c.     Whole Class Feedback: Teacher & students discuss knowledge they have of ninjas and how International Ninja Day could be celebrated & why should we love it (brainstorm on side of WB)



Ninja Visual


Pre-Teach Vocab

Teach possible blocking vocabulary

a.     Instructions: Teacher gives instructions for students to match the words with the correct visual.

b.     Activity: Students individually do matching activity

c.     Pair-Check: Students check answers with partner

d.     Whole Class Feedback/Language Clarification: Teacher and students go over answers as a whole class

               i.     Teacher writes answers on the whiteboard

              ii.     Teacher asks comprehension questions to check understanding of the words

            iii.     Teacher asks students to discuss in pairs what part of speech each of the words are and how many syllables & what are the main stressed syllables.

             iv.     Teacher and students go over answers for whole-class feedback


Matching Vocab Handout


Gist Task

Skimming for the main idea

a.     Instructions: Teacher instructs students to put the title and sub-titles in the correct locations. Set a time-limit of about 2.5 minutes and emphasize that they should read quickly at this point.

b.     Activity: Teacher hands out article with blanks & students read for the answers individually.

c.     Small Group Check: After students read individually, put the students into small groups and have them sort the titles and sub-titles in the order they appear in the text as a group.

d.     Whole Class Feedback: Teacher hands out the full article without blanks as an answer key and asks if there are any questions.


Article without titles handout


Article Title slips of paper


Full Article (as answer key)







Further Comprehension Task

Develop Scanning for Specific Info Skills

a.     Instructions: Teacher gives instructions for students to look through article and find place into the charts why we should celebrate Ninja Day and how we should celebrate it.

b.     Activity: Teacher hands out activity folded so they can’t see the answer key and students read and do the activity individually.

c.     Pair Check: Students check their answers in pairs.

d.     Whole Class Feedback: Teacher instructs students to unfold and check their answers below and ask if the students have any questions are have written any different answers.


2nd reading activity with chart & answer key







Productive Activity

Develop SS’s ability to speak for fluency

a.     Instructions: Teacher instructs students to make up their own international day in small groups focusing on what they day is, when should it be held, why we should love it, and how it should be practiced.

b.     Activity: Students work in small groups coming up with their international day and filling out their charts.

c.     Presentations: Groups go to front of class and present their international days to the rest of the class – or, alternatively, (if there are many students in the classroom) students present their international days to other student groups.

d.     FLEX ACTIVITY (if remaining time): Switch seating arrangements a bit and SS discuss in pairs how they’d rank the different international days in terms of their favorite ones. WCFB: Ask SS about their ranking ideas.

e.     Whole Class Feedback: Teacher & students discuss which international day he/she likes the best and why.


Note-taking Chart Handout

3-5 min

Delayed Error Correction (DEC)


T draws attention to errors that he/she heard during the speaking activity on the WB and has SS discuss in pairs what the corrections to the errors might be.


Then T elicits the corrections for WCFB


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