Halloween Costume Speaking Lesson

Lesson Overview:



Lesson Aims:

Learners will develop their speaking for fluency abilities in describing costumes and with their use of coming to an agreement.

Approximate Timing:

40-60 mins


This lesson is based on the theme of Halloween and costumes.


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Lesson Plan PDF

Halloween Speaking Lesson

Materials PDF (all-in-one)

Halloween Costume Materials







3-5 Min


Sets the context of the lesson 

a.     Stimulus: Teacher shows a picture of a costume (perhaps a personal picture) and elicits the word ‘Costume’ from the students and writes in on the whiteboard. 

b.     Pair-Speaking Activity: Teacher asks the students to speak in pairs about a time they dressed up in a costume i.e. What was it? What did it look like? Did people like it?

c.     Whole Class Feedback: Teacher calls on students to write underneath the word ‘costume’ on the whiteboard a few different costumes the students have worn.

Visual and Whiteboard

5-10 min

Demo of Task

Students will develop listening for main idea skills and are introduced to the idea of a Halloween Costume Contest.

a.     T introduces listening clip https://kellyandryan.com/video/here-are-the-6-finalists-for-our-halloween-costume-contest/ with the gist task (see handout)

b.     SS do it individually

c.     SS check answers in pairs

d.     To give answers, T tells SS to unfold handout to see the order & to rank the costumes from 1-6 in terms of which ones they liked the most to least (1-6)

e.     SS discuss answers in pairs

f.      For whole class feedback, teacher gives his/her list and talks with SS about their opinions


Something to play video clip & the gist task/ranking handout

10-15 min

Language Focus

To feed and develop students’ abilities to use phrases that will help them in speaking for fluency in the speaking activity.

Activity 1

a.     T gives SS handout of phrases and instructs SS to put the phrases into the corresponding category based on their use (see ‘Activity 1’ handout below).

b.     Ss discuss their answers in pairs

c.     For feedback, while the students are discussing their answers in pairs, T asks for SS to come up and arrange paper slips of the functions on the WB based on their use (T draws chart on the WB)


Activity 2

a.     T instructs SS to put the phrases used to agree & disagree on a scale based on the strength of its use to agree and disagree for them to do in pairs.

b.     For feedback, utilize the whiteboard and paper slips of the phrases to agree & disagree & have SS put the phrases in their appropriate locations on the cline on the whiteboard.

c.     Teacher clarifies answers first and then important features of meaning, form, and pronunciation of each of the phrases. Make sure to model & drill them using correct and lively intonation.


Language Activities handout, slips of paper, and a whiteboard

5-10 min

Preparation Task

To prepare for the speaking activity that is to follow.

Teacher hands out a blank piece of paper to pairs of students in the classroom and provides coloring pencils/markers etc. and instructs them to draw a person in a costume (perhaps give extra incentive by saying this is a Halloween costume contest and winners will get a ‘treat’ at the end J)

Blank piece of paper and ideally some colored pencils, markers, or crayons

20-30 min

Speaking Activity

To develop students’ abilities to speak for fluency in the context of discussing Halloween costumes.

a.     T puts SS drawings of the students’ costumes around the room in an art gallery format (i.e. with a piece of tape on the wall) and instructs SS in pairs (different than the pair that drew the costume together) to go around and discuss their opinions on each of the costumes in a time-interval rotation (i.e. about 30-60 seconds for each costume).

b.     T puts students into small groups (about 4-5) trying to avoid putting SS with the same pairs as the previous activities and instructs them to rank the top three best costumes from 1 to 3 (1st to 3rd place) without giving any costume the same ranking i.e. there can be no more than one 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

c.     For whole class feedback, each student group comes and writes their top three on the WB. The T can then calculate based on their opinion (and his/hers) which ones get the reward for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place – perhaps giving some kind of candy/sweets out to the winners J

d.     Finish with going over some errors that were heard during the speaking activity as a class i.e. incorrect use of grammar and/or pronunciation

Something to post the costume drawings around the room i.e. blue masking tape works well. Also, could just put the drawings on tables. 

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