Sports Agent

Lesson Overview:

Level Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
Lesson Aims Learners will develop listening for main idea & further detail & specific info skills in addition to developing their speaking for fluency.  
Approximate Timing 40-60 mins
Notes to the teacher                This lesson focuses on the topics of sports, football (American), business, and the functions of persuasion.
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Lesson Plan PDF Sports Agent Lesson Plan
Materials PDF (all-in-one) Sports Agent Materials

Lesson Plan:

Time Stage Aim Procedure Materials
3-5 Min Lead-in Set the context of Lesson Teacher writes on the whiteboard: Personal Loyalty vs. Financial Security and brings up the general discussion topic of “Which one would you choose? For example, would you stay in a business partnership because you had a good personal relationship with someone even though it was probably not the most financially secure option to choose?  Why or why not?”

Students discuss question in pairs

Teacher asks students for some ideas from the discussion

10 Min Pre-Teach Vocab To teach difficult to understand vocab Teacher gives students vocabulary activity

Students work individually on choosing correct answers

Students check their answers in partners

Go over answers as a whole class

Teacher asks questions to check comprehension of the vocabulary words

Students discuss in pairs

a.     What part of speech is each one of the words

b.     How many syllables are in them and where the stress is

Go over part of speech and number of syllables/stress as a whole class. Teacher models & drills each of the words.

Vocab Activity
5 Min Gist Task To develop students’ listening for main idea abilities Teacher ask the question: Does the athlete choose financial security or loyalty?

Play clip & students listen to answer main idea question

After clip ends, students discuss their answers in pairs

– Go over the answer as a class (A: He chose personal loyalty)

5-7 Min Further Comprehension Questions To develop listening for details and specific info skills Teacher gives students 2nd listening activity

Students listen and answer questions individually

Students check their answers in partners

The class goes over answers together

Listening Question


10-20 Min Productive Activity To develop students’ speaking for fluency abilities Teacher divides class into two sections: agents and football players. Agents have to convince football players to sign with them and players want to get signed to their favorite teams & make the most money possible etc.

1st Stage: Negotiation

Players go to each agent one-by-one (timed i.e. maybe for 1 minute each) and they discuss options to sign with each agent (i.e. which teams does the agent deal with, why they are a good agent etc.)

2nd Stage: Signing the contract

Players and agents now enter into finishing the deal and have to decide on which agent & city/team they are going to sign with and for how much money.

*Time permitting

Switch roles of agents and players (also, give agents a different set of teams to work with) and repeat process.


Content: At end of cycle, teacher sees who signed the most players and for how much.

Language: Teacher goes over some errors that were heard during the activity and the class corrects them together.

Slips of roles for agents & players

Slips of contracts

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