Getting to Know you Questions

Getting to Know you Questions

This lesson is a simple one: you just elicit how to ask some basic questions regarding personal information, then you have the students ask and answer the questions amongst themselves, and finally you go over WCFB (whole class feedback) together as a class. 

Stage & Aim Procedure
Elicit Questions: To introduce the T to the class, set the context of asking personal information questions, develop the ability of the SS to form accurate questions, and to act as a demo to set up the next activity. T writes on the WB: Name? From? Job? Language?

Then teacher elicits how to make each word into a question. After SS form the correct question, T answers with his/her personal info.

Mingle Speaking Activity: Students practice speaking for fluency
Students stand up and ask and answer the questions (and perhaps others) in a mingle activity (like a party where students move from one student to another).
WCFB: To give feedback on the task, have students get to know each other, and to improve SS speaking accuracy by correcting errors that occurred during the speaking activity.
Teacher asks summarizing feedback question(s) (e.g. “Did some find out something interesting about their classmates?” or “How many different nationalities are in the class?”) and then corrects some errors that they heard during the discussion.

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