Find Someone Who…

Find Someone Who…

This lesson is a easy yet fun and interactive activity where students stand up and walk around and find people in the classroom that relate to whatever random or interesting facts you can think of on a survey and converse with one another in a manner similar to a ‘mingle’ at a party.

The facts on the survey shouldn’t be so general that they would relate to everyone nor so specific that they wouldn’t relate to anyone, either.

When giving instructions, a good idea is to first start by doing a demonstration where a student asks the teacher questions relating to the facts and the teacher would respond in a conversation format e.g. Q: “Do you speak more than 3 languages?”, A: “No, I actually only speak two languages: Spanish and English, but I would love to learn a third language! I am actually thinking of learning….” etc. The idea is to get them to have a full conversation and not just ask: Q: “Which fact here relates to you?” A: “The third one.”

Survey of Interesting Fact Example

Directions: Get up and talk with your classmates and find someone who relates to some of the facts in the survey. Remember to use full sentences when asking questions and to give full responses and not just yes or no answers. Give details and have a conversation. 

Fact Name(s)
Has skydived before
Owns an SUV
Has traveled to more than 4 countries
Has visited the Grand Canyon
Has visited Paris
Exercises 5 or more days a week
Has scuba dived


Do you like this activity? Why or why not? How would you modify it or do it differently? Any fun facts you’d use in this survey?

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