Monthly Archive: February 2017

Gist Task

A gist task is focused on listening for main idea (listening activity) or skimming for the main idea (reading activity) and is essential to do whenever you introduce a text inside of the classroom. Here you’ll get all the info you’ll need to properly carry one out!

Find Someone Who…

This lesson is a easy yet fun and interactive one to do right on the spot: it only requires a few slips of paper, students, and some interesting facts. Students write an interesting fact on a slip of paper, grab another’s, and mingle to find out whose interesting fact belongs to whom.

North American Vowels

There are 16 vowel sounds in North American English (the dialects of the USA and Canada); however, there are ONLY 5 vowel letters – a, e, i, o, and u (well, six if you count the letter of ‘y’). If you want to know how to properly teach your students how to pronounce NAE, you better read this blog.